This blog was meant as a place to share ideas, musing and discussions on topics of interest like Machine Learning, Data Science, Computational Social Science and some side projects. The idea was to have at least one post every quarter. However my father passed away in October 2013 which led to a period of withdrawal and introspection for me. After almost 3 years I am again in a position to

Do Algorithms have Politics?

(Heatmap of users tweeting the N word in the US, from the Geography of Hate project at Humbolt University) In Do Artifacts have politics? Langdon Winner identifies that certain technologies are democratic or autocratic regardless of the intent of the creators of the technologies. The most well known example that Winner uses to illustrate his point is a set of overpasses that were made in Long Island in the 1930s. These

NYC MTA Taxi: Some Observations (Part I)

The release of the NYC MTA Taxi data covering all Taxi rides in 2013 and obtained through the Freedom of Information act by Chris Whong has been making the rounds on the internet. Here is my first take on the data. The following analysis is based off of 173 million transactions. The total amount of money spent is $2,561,345,362 or 2.6 billion dollars. The data can be divided into two main