Date Venue Details
2020/10 AAAI I have two papers accepted at the AAAI Fall Symposium
2020/10 fairMLHealth We just released a new python library fairMLHealth for measuring fairness in machine learning models in healthcare
2020/05 KDD I have two tutorials accepted at ACM KDD 2020 Conference. i) Fairness in Machine Learning for Healthcare ii) Physics Inspired Models in Artificial Intelligence
2020/05 KDD I am part of the senior committee member of KDD 2020’s AI for COVID workshop
2020/05 PAKDD I am giving a tutorial on Deep Explanations in Machine Learning via Interpretable Visual Methods with Boris Kovalerchuk and Ankur Teredesai at PAKDD on May 11, 2020
2020/02 CZI I am giving a talk on Foundations of Interpretable Machine Learning at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
2020/05 ‘ACM FAT’ [January 2020] I will be at the ACM FAT Conference for a panel that I am organizing on Fairness, accountability, transparency in AI at scale: lessons from national programs
2019/05 UW [December 2019] I am giving a talk (Holding Machine Learning Systems Accountable via Explanations) with Dr. Carly Eckert at University of Washington School of Medicine’s Bioinformatics and Medical Education Seminar
2019/12 HIN I am a finalist in the Health Innovation Northwest’s 2019 Health Innovators of the Year award
2019/05 ‘ACM FAT’ [November 2019] I have a CRAFT Panel accepted at the ACM FAT Conference
2019/05 GWU [November 2019] I am giving a talk on Requirements and Limits of Explainable AI in Healthcare Clinical and Translational Science Institute at the George Washington University
2019/05 AAAI [November 2019] I am co-chairing the Responsible AI for Healthcare track at the AI for Social Good Symposium in Washington D.C.
2019/05 WSM – [October 2019] I am giving a talk Using AI to Simulate the Dead on October 17, 2019 at the Washington State History Museum
2019/05 GAIN [October 2019] I am giving a talk at the Global AI Narratives in Middle East and North Africa workshop in Cairo, Egypt organized by the American University of Cairo and University of Cambridge
2019/05 KDD [August 2019] I am co-chairing Heath Day at KDD 2019 and also co-organizing the Data Science in Healthcare workshop in Anchorage, Alaska
2019/05 KDD [June 2019] I have a short paper accepted at AISafety Workshop at IJCAI’2019
2019/05 AAAI [June 2019] I am co-organizing a symposium on AI for Good as part of the AAAI’s Fall 2019 Symposium series
2019/05 AMIA [April 2019] I am giving a tutorial on Interpretable Machine Learning: What Clinical Informaticists Need to Know with my colleague Dr. Carly Eckert at AMIA’s Clinical Informatics Conference
2019/05 ACMSeminar [September 2018] I am giving an online invited talk with colleagues at KenSci on Explainable Machine Learning Models for Healthcare AI as part of the ACM’s Web Seminar Series


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