My work lies in the area of Computational Social Science. My current research is focused on three main areas: (i) Topology of Social Networks: How does the topology of the social network relates to the evolution of coextensive social networks, influence in these networks and computational models of social capital. (ii) Generalizability of Behavioral Models. (iii) Clandestine Networks. My doctoral research was on Trust in Massive Online Games from a Computational Perspective. Most of my graduate work revolved area exploring issues related to social networks and behavioral modeling in Massive Online Games. I have been part of the Virtual World’s Observatory, the premier project on virtual worlds research, since its inception in 2007.

Research Interests

  • Topology of Influence in Social Networks
  • Generalizability in Behavioral Models
  • Clandestine Networks

Publications Lists

A more complete list of my publications is available on the publications page. See also the publications list on Google Scholar

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