I am a research scientist in Jaideep Srivastava‘s Data Mining Lab in the Department of Computer Science at the University of Minnesota. I am also a Data Scientist at the social analytics start up company Ninja Metrics. My current research is on evolution of social networks, relationship between social science theories to generative models of social phenomenon, behavioral modeling in Massively Mutliplayer Online Games (MMOs) and analysis of clandestine behaviors and networks. My first book, Analysis of Clandestine Networks and Behaviors, which I am writing with Brian Keegan will be released by Springer-verlog later this year.

I completed my master and PhD in Computer Science from University of Minnesota. Before that I completed bachelors in Computer Science from the Rochester Institute of Technology. I am currently part of the Virtual Worlds Observatory (VWO) project, the leading project on the analysis of human behavior and socialization patterns in online virtual environments. Previously I was also a research assistant at the Minnesota Population Center where I mainly worked on the IPUMS project on the application of machine learning to population studies. During my undergraduate years at the Rochester Institute of Technology I was also research assistant at the Center for Advancing the Study of Cyberinfrastructure.

Other than my academic work I am also an artist. My main interest is in the art of scripts and I have invented a couple of scripts myself e.g., Kordu, based on the Hangul and Arabic. In addition to being the data scientist at Ninja Metrics I am also the resident artist there. I am also the founder and editor of Islam and Science Fiction, the most comprehensive resource on the subject online and offline. I co-edited the first anthology of short Science Fiction stories with Muslim characters or Islamicate themes called A Mosque Amongst the Stars. I am currently working on a historical fiction novel.

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