I am the Principal Research Scientist at KenSci Inc. and Affiliate Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at University of Washington. Previously, I have had academic appointment at the Department of Computer Science at University of Minnesota, Center for Cognitive Science at University of Minnesota and the Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur. I have also worked in applied machine learning in a number of industries. My focus is mainly on AI/ML in Healthcare.

Research Highlights

My current research is in interpretable machine learning, application of Artificial Intelligence / Machine Learning in Healthcare and personality emulation.


– [August 2019] I am co-chairing Heath Day at KDD 2019 and also co-organizing the Data Science in Healthcare workshop in Anchorage, Alaska
– [June 2019] I have a short paper accepted at AISafety Workshop at IJCAI’2019
– [June 2019] I am co-organizing a symposium on AI for Good as part of the AAAI’s Fall 2019 Symposium series
– [April 2019] I am giving a tutorial on Interpretable Machine Learning: What Clinical Informaticists Need to Know with my colleague Dr. Carly Eckert at AMIA’s Clinical Informatics Conference
– [September 2018] I am giving an online invited talk with colleagues at KenSci on Explainable Machine Learning Models for Healthcare AI as part of the ACM’s Web Seminar Series