I am the Principal Research Scientist at KenSci Inc. and Affiliate Associate Professor in the Department of Computer Science at University of Washington. Previously, I have had academic appointment at the Department of Computer Science at University of Minnesota, Center for Cognitive Science at University of Minnesota, Faculty of Engineering at Istinye University and the Indian Institute of Technology – Kanpur. I have also worked in applied machine learning in a number of industries. My focus is mainly on AI/ML in Healthcare.

Research Highlights

My current research is in FATE (Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics) explainable AI / interpretable machine learning, application of Artificial Intelligence in Healthcare.


– [May 2020] I have two tutorials accepted at ACM KDD 2020 Conference. i) Fairness in Machine Learning for Healthcare ii) Physics Inspired Models in Artificial Intelligence
– [May 2020] I am part of the senior committee member of KDD 2020’s
AI for COVID workshop
– [May 2020] I am giving a tutorial on Deep Explanations in Machine Learning via Interpretable Visual Methods with Boris Kovalerchuk and Ankur Teredesai at PAKDD on May 11, 2020
– [February 2020] I am giving a talk on Foundations of Interpretable Machine Learning at Chan Zuckerberg Initiative
– [January 2020] I will be at the ACM FAT Conference for a panel that I am organizing on Fairness, accountability, transparency in AI at scale: lessons from national programs
– [December 2019] I am giving a talk (Holding Machine Learning Systems Accountable via Explanations) with Dr. Carly Eckert at University of Washington School of Medicine’s Bioinformatics and Medical Education Seminar
– [December 2019] I am a finalist in the Health Innovation Northwest’s 2019 Health Innovators of the Year award
– [November 2019] I have a CRAFT Panel accepted at the ACM FAT Conference
– [November 2019] I am giving a talk on Requirements and Limits of Explainable AI in Healthcare Clinical and Translational Science Institute at the George Washington University
– [November 2019] I am co-chairing the Responsible AI for Healthcare track at the AI for Social Good Symposium in Washington D.C.
– [October 2019] I am giving a talk Using AI to Simulate the Dead on October 17, 2019 at the Washington State History Museum
– [October 2019] I am giving a talk at the Global AI Narratives in Middle East and North Africa workshop in Cairo, Egypt organized by the American University of Cairo and University of Cambridge
– [August 2019] I am co-chairing Heath Day at KDD 2019 and also co-organizing the Data Science in Healthcare workshop in Anchorage, Alaska
– [June 2019] I have a short paper accepted at AISafety Workshop at IJCAI’2019
– [June 2019] I am co-organizing a symposium on AI for Good as part of the AAAI’s Fall 2019 Symposium series
– [April 2019] I am giving a tutorial on Interpretable Machine Learning: What Clinical Informaticists Need to Know with my colleague Dr. Carly Eckert at AMIA’s Clinical Informatics Conference
– [September 2018] I am giving an online invited talk with colleagues at KenSci on Explainable Machine Learning Models for Healthcare AI as part of the ACM’s Web Seminar Series